What makes our projects unique.

Hotel Real Estate in BC, Quebec, Yukon, Canada

Hotel Brand: Elite, Ramada, Nita Lake

St.Kitts & Antigue Hotel and Vacation Resorts

The Beach is just the beginning. We help our clients who want to make an investment in the hotel & resort industry in both St. Kitts and Antigue.

Winery and Wine Export

Our company’s main wine types, including red wine, dry white wine, and the most local representative of ice wines. We have good working relationships with a number of local wineries and vineyards in Canada.

Smart City in Seattle USA

The project will consist of Smart Industry Zone, High Tech Educational Institutions, Smart Residential Community, Smart Banking, Retail, and High Tech Medical Center including assisted living and rehabilitation.

Who We Are

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SMART CITY ASSOCIATE HOLDING LTD.‏ (SAH) is a professional investment firm that specializes in supporting small to mid size companies, with revenues from $50 million to $10 million, in locating merger & acquisition opportunities and in securing funding for future company growth. We also support transactions involving management buyouts of business units and divestitures of large public companies. We like to describe ourselves as a community of teams that create solutions designed to respond to specific client needs. Our most distinctive strength is our proprietary, independent research, which is shared across all areas of the organization and used only for managing our clients’ portfolios. SAH is a private partnership. An independent structure and collegial culture are two of the main reasons investment professionals join us— and stay for their entire careers.

Our World Connection

We have a group of professionals around the World
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Dr. Allen Martin

U.K. Office Representative
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Ms. Helen You

U.S.A. Representative
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Linda Zhang

China Office Manager of UCII
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Mr. David Peng

Taiwan Office Representative
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Prof. Huyen Nguyen

Vietnam Office Representative
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Dr. Stephen Lo

Hong Kong Office Representative

Investment Procedures