The amount of our investment is upon on the stage of the company and its estimated value. However, we always want to be the primary share holder and get as many share as we can.
If your company matches our qualification, you are welcomed to discuss your business plan with us:

  • Phase 1: Provide a brief business plan overview
  • Phase 2: Send your full business plan to [email protected]
  • Phase 3: Internal auditing for your business plan,we will review your plan and your plan and your corporate website (if available). If your business or plans have great potential, we will invite you to have a face to face meeting with us, and then our investment committees and boards will make decision. (no longer than 2 weeks for phase 3)
  • Phase 4: Investment Agreement and investing: after we decide to invest your business, we will send you the investment agreement. Then we will negotiate with the agreement, and take 3-4 weeks to finish the legal documents and investigations. And then we will invest your business.


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