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The project will consist of Smart Industry Zone, High Tech Educational Institutions, Smart Residential Community, Smart Banking, Retail, and High Tech Medical Center including assisted living and rehabilitation.


Smart Village Project will be located in Snohomish (sno-HOH’-mish) County. Snohomish County is located in Northwest Washington State, nestled between the sparkling blue waters of Puget Sound and the rugged, snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains. Snohomish County begins 12 miles north of Seattle, a little under 100 miles south of Vancouver, and a short ferry ride away from the San Juan Islands or Olympic Peninsula. Snohomish County is ideally situated for exploring the entire Pacific Northwest.

Snohomish County has some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in the United States, forest and mountain wildlife sanctuaries, unlimited opportunities for outdoor fun and artistic pursuits, and the best coffee west of Italy. Our economy is thriving thanks in large part to being the home of industry giants Microsoft, Google, and Boeing with its 747, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner assembly plant.


Land Use for Smart Village

Industrial Zone 208 acres
Medical, Assisted Living, 60 acres
Recycling Area 20 acres
City Center 100 acres
Higher Education 10 acres
New Residential within the Village 150 acres
New Residential outskirts 1150 acres
Agriculture 300 acres


Economic Environment in Snohomish County

A global center of the aerospace industry, in one of the world’s leading hubs of high-tech innovation, the seeds of the next wave of growth engines—from clean energy and biotechnology to composite and advanced technology manufacturing―are rooted here and growing strong.

This innovation doesn’t stop with high-tech industries, though. Snohomish County has emerged as a regional leader in revitalizing agriculture as a key industry in a rapidly-growing metropolitan region. Home to world-renowned art studios and cultural attractions, and spectacular outdoor recreation opportunities, and a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, creativity defines Snohomish County.


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